Horse Hospice / Palliative Care Livery Package


Here at Equine Tranquility Ltd we completely understand that just like people, horses become terminally ill. It is no ones fault, it is just the sad part of being mortal. We also understand that the decision to have, and indeed when to have your best friend put to sleep is emotionally heartbreaking. It is also a logistically difficult arrangement to make, particularly when on a livery yard full of healthy horses with well-meaning owners passing on their personal thoughts and advice.

Guilt and confusion often accompanies the heartbreak, and by providing this all inclusive service it allows you peace of mind knowing you have done everything possible to provide your loved friend with a dignified and respectful ending. It eliminates the need to painfully answer difficult questions often faced at a normal yard, and it allows you to follow a more natural grieving process. We have, nor pass any judgement, we do not offer confusing advice, we do not manipulate the situation nor will we ask ‘why’ in any form to leave you feeling guilty. We purely provide warmth, understanding, full support and our expertise in this area coupled with top class care to both yourself and your loved friend.

Finally we provide all the funeral arrangements that you have chosen to exacting standards. This can be tailored to your meet your wishes for a length of time suited to you, 3-6 months often being a suitable time. It also helps you as the owner take some private time away from the daily care thus allowing you to follow a natural, balanced grieving process, without the difficulties you may face if coping on your own, or on a normal livery yard. By taking a little time out, but still visiting should you wish, you will be able to cope better emotionally with this most difficult decision, but you also have complete peace of mind that your horse is receiving the best possible care to the very end in their final days with everything taken care of professionally and correctly.

Our palliative care package can be tailored to suit your horse's personal needs, however an example of what can be included is listed below.

We are able to offer the following:

All the facilities of the luxury stable package plus the following:

1. Stabling, living out or a mix dependant on your personal choice
2. Administration of medication at strict, directed times throughout the day
3. Specialist dietary requirements
4. Close monitoring
5. 24/7 dedicated veterinary call out and weekly veterinary attendance at the yard
6. Remedial trimming hoof care by quality registered farrier
7. Equilibrium massage available for help with circulation, ailments of all types & general well-being
8. We are approved by our Equine veterinary surgeon to carry out convalescing care
9. 24/7 On site Centre Owner and high level security measures in place
10. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept horses with contagious illnesses/diseases

Prices as follows:

Option 1
Palliative care livery with standard funeral service including euthanasia

3 month stay £650 per calendar month
6 month stay £575 per calendar month

Option 2
Palliative care livery with shared cremation service including euthanasia

3 month stay £750 per calendar month
6 month stay £675 per calendar month

Option 3
Palliative care livery with private, individual cremation service including euthanasia

3 month stay £850 per calendar month
6 month stay £775 per calendar month


Disclaimer: Equine Tranquility Ltd provides a structured, caring, professional, livery service to retired equines. At no time however, does Equine Tranquility Ltd assume responsibility for the animal, responsibility lies solely with the owner at all times and we therefore request you visit your horse at regular intervals. If we are unable to catch your horse within the reasonable timeframes allowed during our routine care/farrier/dentist/vet visits we will not be held responsible in anyway whatsoever for treatments/care that are missed through no fault of our own. If, in our opinion, your horse requires urgent care in any form we will contact you to allow you to decide how you wish to provide care to your horse